Name: Corey Solomons - a.k.a. (000)
D.O.B: 06 October 1976
Bikes: "99" Yamaha R1, 110cc desert
Previous bikes:
Years Riding: Three
Favourite Stunt/Trick: Would have to say "The Elevator" its where you jump from the pegs to the tank without using you hands at 80kph
Best Stunting Moment to Date:

A young boy came up to me for an autograph, and said that he wanted to stunt just like me when he grew up. that was cool

Worst Stunting moment to date: Even when I crash bad and break bones, its good coz your always learning, no bad experiences to talk about.
Favorite International Rider: Look up to Tony "D", awesome rider and a real down to earth bloke, got to meet Tony at the 2004 motofreestyle challenge. I hope to ride with him again.
Special thanks to: Road Warriors Cafe at mount white
Eastern creek motorcycle wreckers
HAG Scrapers
Blackmarket films
Diesel commodities
motocycle accessories warehouse
TJ automotive & motorcycle performance
Circuit breakers
Wheelie teezn
Extreme horsepower productions
Email: corey@ooofreestyle.com