StuntSkills is a motorcycle stunt practice day at Oran Park allowing you as the everyday rider a place to get that un-burnt energy out of your system! Don't lose your license or your bike pulling wheelies and burnouts on the streets. Come along and ride with some of Australia's best stunt riders in a safe legal environment. Riders on the day range from complete beginners to professional stunt riders.


Needs a location.

If you can help, ring

Corey - 0438 677 250


When: The last StuntSkills was held on Sunday 4th of October, 2009 at Oran Park, NSW.

Where: With Oran Park being bulldozed to make way for a new housing development, StuntSkills will be put on hold a new suitable location can be found. If you have any ideas, please contact Corey on 0438 677 250.

Why: This gives riders at all levels somewhere that's safe and legal to ride

Who: This event is open to all bikes and all riders of all ages regardless of their skill level. We have experienced riders on hand throughout the day to offer advice. The event is limited to 30 riders so be sure to book early. Drivers licence or bike registration is not required.

Cost: $120 if payment is received 4 weeks before the event or $150 if you don't meet the deadline which can be paid in cash on the day. This includes two cold drinks supplied on the day and a cooked breakfast or lunch.

Requirements: All riders must wear:

  1. DOT or AS1698 Approved Motorcycle Helmet.

  2. Motorcycle Jacket

  3. Motorcycle Gloves

  4. Motorcycle Riding Pants OR Jeans with Knee Guards.

  5. Motorcycle Riding Boots OR Boots that are sturdy, cover the ankle, and can not be pulled off when done up. (NO WORK BOOTS).

All bikes will need to have the following working:

  1. Throttle Return operating and throttle doesn’t stick.

  2. Front brake is operational

  3. Rear brake is operational

  4. Kill Switch/Ignition turns off bike.

For more information, please e-mail corey@ooofreestyle.com or phone Corey on .